Healthcare Solutions for Nonprofits

Don’t sacrifice your nonprofit's rich healthcare benefits. You can recruit and retain talent with competitive plans and save money on healthcare costs.

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Working in the non-profit sector means your resources are limited. Achieving your mission means relying on generous donations and making sure not a single dollar goes wasted. However, you also need great people to carry out your mission, but it can be difficult to hire top talent when you’re focused on a purpose over a profit. Not to mention the low unemployment rates and rising wages means attracting and retaining the right talent to run your nonprofit can feel near impossible.

DC Benefits’ Can Help You Achieve Your Mission

When it comes to healthcare solutions for your nonprofit, it’s important to find a key partner who values your mission. At DC Benefits, we help nonprofits offer competitive healthcare benefits to their employees, while saving them an average 18% on healthcare costs every year.

Our Approach

We help companies establish an IRS Section 105 Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP).

This plan reduces medical insurance costs by reimbursing employees for medical expenses on a tax free basis.

Patented technology streamlines the reimbursement process, so your company saves time and money.

A proprietary reinsurance policy insures that there is no risk!