Healthcare Solutions for Manufacturing

Talent is scarce in the manufacturing industry, but you can attract and retain manufacturing talent with rich healthcare benefits that save your company money.

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In the last few decades, the manufacturing industry has seen it’s fair share of struggles. The workforce is shrinking, as much of the workforce closes in on retirement. There is a severe talent gap, with The Manufacturing Institute projecting that by the year 2025, almost 2 million jobs within the industry will go unfilled.

Plus, talent retention is even more challenging. The skills gap means that skilled workers are in high demand, making it a candidate’s job market. Manufacturing workers no longer stay with a company for the duration of their career, but rather, move around from one company to another, seeking higher pay, more convenient hours, and better benefits.

Competitive Healthcare Plans for Manufacturing Companies

Great benefits are the key to attracting and retaining skilled manufacturing workers. At DC Benefits, we help companies in the manufacturing industry offer competitive healthcare benefits to their employees, while saving them an average 18% on healthcare costs every year.

Our Approach

We help companies establish an IRS Section 105 Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP).

This plan reduces medical insurance costs by reimbursing employees for medical expenses on a tax free basis.

Patented technology streamlines the reimbursement process, so your company saves time and money.

A proprietary reinsurance policy insures that there is no risk!